Ventilation & Cooling


An efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system reduces costs, improves your work environment and can make the system itself last longer.
Commercial buildings use about 40% of their energy on making the workplace comfortable. But it’s estimated a third of commercial buildings have systems that are inefficient, significantly increasing the amount of energy used.

  • Zone your workspaces correctly: place thermostats away from heat sources and open doors.
  • Set your system to cool from 24°C
  • Do annual maintenance on your HVAC system.
  • Set your timers to start no sooner than needed in the morning and to stop no later than needed at the end of working days.
  • Set your air conditioning humidity control to float between 30% and 60% relative humidity.
  • Reroute your HVAC system when refitting your building: re-balance it to suit the new layout. Relocate sensors to appropriate positions.
  • Remove obstructions: all filters and outlets should be accessible and unobstructed.
  • Staff comfort is the best guide to how well your system is working. If there are complaints, or staff are using personal fans and heaters, then check and adjust your system.
  • Turn off heaters and air conditioning in areas that aren’t occupied
  • Make sure staff know how to use the HVAC system and understand how it affects other areas.
  • Have a process for weekend and holiday shut downs.

Always get expert advice before before embarking on a major energy efficiency project.