Office Equipment

  • Computers, copiers, printers and scanners that carry the ENERGY STAR® mark use up to 30% less energy than other products on the market.
  • Replace desktop computers with laptops - laptops are 50% to 80% more efficient than personal computers (PCs).
  • Use all-in-one printers, scanners and copiers - they’ll use 50% of the energy that the individual products would use collectively.
  • Servers can waste up to 40% of the energy they use, creating unnecessary heat and increasing demand for air conditioning. It’s not usually possible to turn servers off, but consider placing them on the coolest side of the building and use natural ventilation where possible. This is also a good idea for shared equipment like copiers, printers and faxes

Encourage your staff to save energy

Half the energy used in offices is under the direct control of staff. Changing people’s work habits can have a significant impact on your energy use.

  • Nominate someone to switch off shared equipment - like printers and photocopiers at the end of the work day.
  • Unplug equipment from the wall - over weekends and holidays.
  • Switch off monitors - if leaving the desk for long periods, and always do this at the end of the day.
  • Reduce the load on printers - by encouraging double-sided printing.
  • Unplug phone and other chargers - if it’s warm, it’s consuming energy
  • Keeping fridge doors closed.
  • Run dishwashers only when they’re full..
  • Set equipment to switch to sleep mode - when not used for a set period. For computers this can save 50% of energy use.