Be an Energy Champion

Be an Energy Champion

In the framework of Barbados National Energy Policy (BNEP), the Barbados Government developed an ambitious and inspiring pathway to clean energy.  The objectives are:

  • To make Barbados energy independent through renewable energy
  • To reduce the cost of energy for all Barbadians

Our clean energy future will bring economic, environmental, and social benefits to the entire country, but building it requires the recruitment of many champions – Energy Champions to be precise. The good news is, everyone can be an Energy Champion for Barbados. From the child reminding his parents to turn off the lights, to the technician installing cutting-edge energy technologies, to the electric bus driver. Energy Champions practice energy efficiency in their daily life and inspire others to do the same.

Energy Champion for Barbados

Anyone can be an Energy Champion, and here you can find all types of energy efficiency tips for your home or business. Things like buying energy efficient appliances, using LED light bulbs, organizing how you cook, or even contracting an energy audit for your office can help you be the Energy Champion the country needs to achieve its.

Through the Public Sector Smart Energy Program (PSSEP), the Ministry of Energy, Small Business and Entrepreneurship is implementing a communications strategy to improve public awareness of BNEP and outline how we will achieve the 2030 renewable energy goals. Some of the actions being developed are listed below:

Barbados Energy Champion Challenge

A national 11 day challenge for all Barbadians to collaborate with the country's energy goals by being an energy champion at home, at school and at the office.


Survey Winner Event

An online survey was conducted that examined the public’s perception and knowledge of energy efficiency, renewable energy and BNEP. The survey received 900 responses from a wide cross section of Barbadians. As a reward for their participation, respondents were given the chance to be selected to receive a thank you gift. Meet the winners here.


Energy Champion Trivia Game

The Energy Champion Trivia Game is a user-friendly digital game specially designed for kids and young adults. Learn about different types of renewable energy and good energy efficiency habits, while having fun!


Smart Energy Educational Catalogue

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), jobs in the renewable energy sector reached 11.5 million globally during 2020, and are expected to grow exponentially over the next 10 year.


Smart Energy Podcast Series

Join hostess Tracy Fowler and our expert guests, including the Honourable Kerrie Symmonds, as they chat about energy-related questions.


Want to save money on energy? Your friend Smarty will tell you how in these videos